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"Landrie is an approachable, non-judgmental listener. She has an easy manner about her that puts the client at ease. She is easy to talk to and always listens empathically to understand the client in front of her and their particular situation. Landrie has an openness and honesty that is a rare gift. She helps clients see where they are in life and works alongside them to set goals for their life. She works to bring healing to areas of brokenness. Landrie’s compassion for truly understanding a person and their situation is what makes her so helpful in resolving life’s issues. Landrie is a counselor who walks alongside her clients in order for them to heal and grow."

Mary Allen McBride

LifeWorks Counseling

"Annalise approaches clients with steadiness, gentleness and wisdom. She has a profound ability to create a space for clients that welcomes, understands, and cultivates change. I trust her to be a gift to anyone that works with her!"

Ellie Stackhouse

Blue Hill Therapy

“Landrie is a trusted former colleague. As a therapist, she is deeply attuned to the needs of her clients. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her practice; specializing in issues such as shame, trauma, and depression. Landrie is committed to helping her clients live healthy, balanced lives with hope and healing at the center. Her personality is magnetic and authentic; she is able to meet any client where they are. As a social worker in the Charleston area, I feel confident referring my clients to see Landrie."

Erica Wright

The Citadel Counseling Center

"Annalise is an empathic, insightful therapist who approaches her clients with incredible acceptance and encouragement. WIth her clinical skills she also brings a gentle kindness that makes her clients feel seen, known and understood."

Jen Rodriquez

Counsel Me, LLC

"Landrie has the incredible gift of meeting you where you are and helping you navigate your problems in a way that brings healing that lasts. I attended her workshop on Depression and the tools she gave me have been essential to my growth. I've been in counseling for years and have read so many books on mental health but nothing beats finding people who REALLY CARE and REALLY CONNECT. Landrie is one of those people and I highly recommend her to anyone."

Lydia Martin

Spare Room Studios

"Landrie creates a calm, safe space for talking. I appreciate her encouragement and ability to boost confidence in who I am and in the decisions I make. She shows great empathy while offering questions that help challenge and build critical thinking."

Amy Morman

Honey & Olive Bakery

"Landrie provides a safe place for communication, collaboration, and encouragement. Her monthly workshops provide useful, practical tools to incorporate into daily life. As a person, she is non-judgmental, empathetic, and kind, and all of these qualities also reflect her as a therapist."

Catherine Archer

"Landrie provides professional, compassionate care for anyone walking a difficult road, while creating a safe environment to explore new paths"

Bonnie McNair

Madison Counseling

"Landrie has a gift for creating a space of compassion, warmth, and honesty!"


"Landrie brings a sense of calm and support and will help her clients to feel seen, known, and heard. Her ability to help people get to the root of their concerns is extremely helpful as people seek healing from the difficulties of life."

Jen Rodriguez

Counsel Me, LLC